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Refined Classics

Inspiration Menswear Porsche Style

Refined Classics


In developing my first line for G O A T by James King, many thoughts and ideas circulated my mind as to how I would approach this collection. My passion for style and beautiful aesthetic is deep. As a child I can remember being anxious in receiving Eastbay magazines as well as other clothing catalogs. I would spend time in my room going through each page meticulously and putting together looks in my head. I would even go as far as tracing some of the silhouettes and coloring them to my liking if I didn't see a worthy combination. I don't have any formal training in design. However, one thing that has always been the basis of my taste and is now the philosophy behind G O A T by James King, is the idea and execution of "classic".


What does it take to create timeless and classic pieces? It can be tough at times if you get consumed by "trends". That is the challenge-to look beyond trends and create pieces for my grandchildren's children. This is where the company (Singer Vehicle Design), who's pictures are in the post comes to play. They took a classic silhouette (911 Porsche) and added their own sauce to it.  The colors and designs are bold yet subtle. Every detail is important. That principle is what I will continue to convey through my brand. 


Sportswear is a huge inspiration behind G O A T by James King. The picture of Deion Sanders represents Atlanta, balance and greatness. This picture was captured while he was playing for the Atlanta Falcons and Atlanta Braves. Deion didn't allow anyone to put him in a box. You can be great at more than one thing if you put the work in and remain disciplined.                                  


My hope is that what inspires me translates through G O A T by James King and continues to stand the test of time, doing "classic" justice.








*Porsche photos from @singervehichledesign

*Deion Sanders photo from Google

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